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Jackie Carlino, CWK, EFT, INHC

  A little background about Owner Jackie Carlino. As a young child my mother became good friends with a kinesiologist. I learned a lot about health and wellness! I continued to grow up learning about herbal medicines and overall health from a holistic point of view. At about age 26 I became very ill, the first thing I did of course was try to get help, I was desperate. I tried doctor after doctor and had no answers and no results. Luckily it did not take me long to attempt to find a better answer. I soon came across the Wholistic Kinesiology clinic here in Albuquerque and quickly became a client. After only a few visits and more then amazing results, I signed up for the class! After completing the 6 month training course, I realized that although herbal medicine and kinesiology where very useful and powerful it was not always enough. So I started to explore EFT Tapping, and my life has been forever changed.I am a mom, chauffeur, artist, owner of Wholistic Embrace, I am a current student, and so much more! I created this business because I want other people to see and feel everyday the freedom I have experienced. - Jackie Carlino 

Christine Salvato, INHC

 Christine Salvato is a Integrative Nutritional Health Coach. I want to help guide women to feel energized and confident everyday through diet and lifestyle. I also want to help women love themselves like I have learned to do. Having children young myself I gave up my whole life to be the best mom I could be. I lost myself along the way. I gained 50 pounds in 5 years. I never really noticed my weight gain until I was in a wedding and the dress was a size 14, I’m only 5’4. I decided right then I would start to eat healthy and exercise. I read every article on food, and every magazine. I loved reading online about health and fitness. I truly became so interested in health and fitness. Through diet and exercise I lost 45 pounds in 2 years. I could honestly look in the mirror and say I like my body. I hadn’t been able to say that in many years. I liked my outside but I still didn’t truly love my inside. Over many years of self exploration, I could honestly say I love who I am on the inside and out. I love helping people learn how to truly love themselves at any point of there journey !! - Christine Salvato

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Homemade Essential Oil's

Homemade Essential Oil's

Each one of our essential oils is grown right here in our backyard. Each one is then picked and placed through the steam distillation process by hand and put into bottle's. 

Interested in having a safe alternative for your health without the high cost the oil companies are charging. Shop Now to see what oils we have available. Special orders can be made as well. Just click on contact us and let us know what oil you are looking for. 

100% Pure Yet Safe for Children

Did you know the USDA only requires your current essential oil company to have 5% pure essential oil in it to be called pure? Well we know all about it. That's why we make each oil by hand to perfection without ever adding a hint of a chemical. Since our oils are actually pure they are safe to touch for children and pregnant woman. 

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 Wholistic Embrace strives to serve people of all ages! We offer services to help improve the mind, body, soul, and spirit! Owner Jackie Carlino is trained in Kiniesiology, EFT Tapping, Health Coaching, and Kinesio  Tex Tape. Specializing in holistic medicine for depression, mood disorders, Wholistic medicine, chronic illness, pain, kids, health, ADD, and more. 

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